Worried about the range in the winter? Pay attention to a few points lithium battery use longer!

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As the weather continues to get colder lately, EV users may notice that their batteries are draining faster than ever when they ride. This is because the active material in the battery decreases in the low-temperature environment, causing the shrinkage of the winter range, resulting in difficulty in driving and faster power consumption. Therefore, the choice of a safe and durable lithium battery can largely solve these problems, while paying attention to the use of lithium batteries to a greater extent to make the battery last longer.

First, in winter, when the lithium-ion battery power is too low, we should do timely charging, develop a good habit of charging with the use, remember, never estimate the winter battery power according to the normal battery life.

Second, the winter outdoor temperature is too low, the charging environment is not less than 0 ℃, indoor charging should not be charged in the building, it is appropriate to charge in the open and dry environment.

Third, do not charge for a long time. Lithium iron phosphate batteries can be filled, winter, then generally do not more than 10 hours, when charging, the charger green light indicates that the battery storage has reached more than 90%, then turn the green light and then float charging 2 hours will be able to.

Fourth, the charger also has a certain impact on battery charging: poor-quality chargers can be very harmful to the battery, this charger is not only unstable current, but heat dissipation also is not strong, and long-term use of the battery will produce damage.

Fifth, we have to replace the lithium iron phosphate battery to replace the good quality, good reputation of the battery, so it is important to choose a regular brand of lithium battery manufacturers so that after-sales service is guaranteed, the quality is relatively more stable.

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IMPRESS ENERGY reminds you: want to use the battery longer life, usually must pay attention to the battery maintenance!


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