What is the difference between 26650 lithium battery and 18650 lithium battery?

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26650 lithium battery and 18650 lithium battery both belong to the cylindrical lithium battery. Here is a look at the difference between the 26650 lithium battery and the 18650 lithium battery comparison.


26650 Lithium Battery

26650 lithium battery is a type specification of cylindrical lithium battery, which means that the diameter of the battery is 26mm and the length is 65mm, cylindrical type of battery. Generally used to call lithium batteries, including lithium primary batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Commonly used with nickel cobalt manganese cathode material, lithium iron phosphate materials made of lithium batteries - INR26650-3.6V-4500mAh, IFR26650-3.2V-3200mAh.

Used in power tools, lighting, scenery energy storage, electric vehicles, toys, instruments, UPS backup power, communication equipment, medical equipment, and special lights.

18650 lithium battery

Common 18650 battery is divided into lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Lithium-ion battery voltage is a nominal voltage of 3.7v, charging cut-off voltage is 4.2v, lithium iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4) nominal voltage is 3.2v, charging cut-off voltage is 3.6v, capacity is usually 1200mAh~3350mAh, common capacity is 2200mAh-2600mAh. 18650 lithium battery life theory is 1000 times cycle charging.

18650 lithium battery is mostly used in laptop batteries because of its high capacity per unit density. In addition, the 18650 lithium battery is widely used in the electronic field because of its good stability in work: commonly used in a high-grade flashlight, portable power, wireless data transmitter, electric warm clothes and shoes, portable instruments, portable lighting equipment, portable printer, industrial instruments, medical instruments, etc.


What is the difference between a 26650 lithium battery and a 18650 lithium battery?

1. The rated capacity is different: IFR26650 lithium battery has a rated capacity of 3000mAh and IFR18650 lithium battery has a rated capacity of 1100~1400mAh.

2, the diameter of the two batteries is not the same: the diameter of IFR26650 is 26mm, and the diameter of IFR18650 is 18mm.

3, the reference mass is not the same: the production test mass of the IFR26650 lithium battery is 94 grams, and the production test mass of the IFR18650 lithium battery is 45 grams.

4, the battery volume is different: 26650 volume than 18650 volume, their cell height is the same, the cell diameter is different, 26650 cell diameter is 26mm, while the 18650 cell diameter is 18mm.

5, the battery capacity is different: the same battery material 26650 battery capacity than 18650 battery capacity is larger, assuming the same ternary material 26650 battery is generally around 5200mAh, while the capacity of 18650 battery is mostly about 2600mAh.

6, the application environment is different: 18650 lithium battery is used in lighting fixture batteries, industrial supporting lithium battery packs, power tool batteries, electric bicycle batteries, power lithium battery packs, and so on more, while 26650 lithium battery is used in integrated solar street light lithium battery pack, energy storage machine station, solar energy storage battery and so on more.

7, the duration is different: 18650, which means straight 18MM, height 65MM, so that the 26650 must be larger than 18650 volume than some, so there is more space to fill the material, to achieve greater capacity, the current 18650 capacity of 2200, 2600, 3100MAH, etc., while the 26650 capacity is generally 4000, 4200,4500MAH, leading to a longer battery life.

The above is a detailed explanation of the difference between the 26650 lithium battery and the 18650 lithium battery comparison, 18650 lithium battery, and 26650 lithium battery are also completely different but can be modified to each other, but there are differences, thick cylinder body to install thin batteries, there is an adapter tube, you can thicken the 18650 battery, into the flashlight with 26650.

Combined with the excellent capacity characteristics and high consistency of the 26650 lithium battery and other characteristics, as well as the excellent structural design and mature manufacturing practice basis of cylindrical batteries, the 26650 lithium battery will gradually replace the 18650 lithium battery in the application of power batteries.


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