Intelligent E-Scooter Li-ion Battery

Since 2015, the rise of a new intelligent electric scooter in the field of the electric car, with the high-speed development of society and consumption upgrade, more and more people in the new era is not satisfied with the obsolete design of the electric scooter, intelligent disconnect, people urgently need some new intelligent electric car that meet their individuality, diversified application scenarios, light, practical and fashionable technology.


E-Tricycle LFP Battery

Is it better to have a bigger battery for an electric tricycle?

1. Economically speaking, the bigger the battery, the higher the price, and the smaller the battery, the more economical it is. 

2. From the practical point of view, the weight and volume of the battery should be larger, and the larger the battery is, the larger the load and the volume of the tricycle will be occupied.
So fit is the best!


Low Speed EV Battery

Impress offers high-performance lithium iron phosphate batteries for low-speed electric vehicle propulsion applications such as transportation, recreational or industrial uses. Based on a proven track record of quality and safety. Our batteries offer high safety, high capacity, high stability, and long cycle life.


Renewable Energy Battery

The difference between the grid-connected system and off-grid system.

The grid-connected system is dependent on the grid and adopts the working mode of "self-generation and self-consumption, surplus power online" or "fully online". The off-grid system is not dependent on the grid and relies on the working mode of "use while storing" or "use after storing". For households in off-grid areas or areas with frequent power outages, off-grid systems are highly practical.


Recreational Vehicles Battery

Whether you're living on the road or traveling through the countryside, you need reliable power that won't get in the way of your journey. Our LiFePO4 batteries are highly efficient, fast charging, and environmentally friendly, providing reliable power and peace of mind while you enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.


Marine Lithium Battery

Power your Sailing Adventures!

Whether you're a cruiser, racer, or angler you want to spend as much time on the water as possible. The marine environment is very demanding on your equipment and long-lasting, durable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are suitable for all types of boats and provide you with reliable, long-lasting power!


Golf Cart Battery

The RLB Series 12V 100Ah makes it easy to determine the batteries you need to replace your electric golf cart with a lithium-ion battery. Available in two, three, and four battery packs.


Telecommunications Battery

48V PowerBox

A base station, or public mobile communications base station, is an interface device for mobile devices to access the Internet and is also a form of the radio station. Usually, use 48v 50ah/100ah lithium iron phosphate battery combination way for its power supply.



Regardless of the source of power, businesses require a reliable power system to maintain power to a variety of critical systems, safety controls, and operational equipment. Impress lithium iron phosphate power supplies are used to ensure superior reliability of operationally critical backup power systems, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).


More Powerful


Half the Weight


Fast Charge


Longer Cycles