Who We Are

IMPRESS was established in 2009 to supply environmentally energy products. With more than 12 years of experience in exporting business, Impress provides you efficient communication, good quality products with the best price. You will get the easiest way to find the products. We have won numerous customer's trust because of our quality product, competitive price, and prompt service.

Quality Battery

We believe that quality is determined by the longevity of lithium-ion batteries, which is why at Impress Energy we specialize in making batteries that last a long time. By utilizing our unique chemical and engineering expertise, Impress li-ion batteries last up to four times longer than conventional batteries, providing lasting value to our customers and reducing e-waste and our impact on the planet. To reach our Vision: Reduce the pressure on the earth!

Accessing a wide range of high-quality source materials, we could also fill all customized(OEM) orders that clients may need. LiFePO4 battery to replace the lead-acid battery project began to develop and gradually mass production in 2016. Our company has become a well-known brand (PowerBox series) in Bangladesh and entered the government procurement directory, and sales markets throughout southeast Asia, Africa, The middle east countries.


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   Reduce the pressure on the earth!


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