Energy storage will be the "next Diva" in the new energy sector

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Energy storage is an important grasp of new energy construction, a new energy has been gradually marketed under the promotion of subsidies, new energy alternative to fossil energy is an inevitable trend, energy storage is an important factor to achieve a high proportion of new energy use, so the development of new energy industry should be the main direction.

Energy storage windfall has arrived, with energy storage is the new energy "on the top" of the necessary road. The addition of lithium battery energy storage can make new energy upgraded to grid-friendly quality power while helping new energy to achieve a variety of values, including meeting the hard requirements of the grid, smoothing the power curve, providing auxiliary services, etc.

With the development of the new energy industry, the lithium battery-based energy storage market will usher in a vast blue ocean. Li-ion battery energy storage is like a large-capacity 'charging treasure', which can absorb and store electricity from the grid in the low valley of electricity consumption, and release electricity as a power source in the peak of electricity consumption to fill the power gap in the peak hours of electricity consumption, to maximize the protection of production and living electricity.

China Tower takes lithium battery as a carrier organically combines internal application and external expansion, establishes energy storage business as one of the four major businesses, promotes rapid scale-up through investment in the energy storage system, on the one hand, using the peak-to-valley price difference, provides user-side energy storage services for small and medium-sized industrial and commercial users such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, and office buildings.

On the other hand, it will strengthen cooperation with power grid companies, power generation enterprises, and new energy system integration enterprises, extend the concept of sharing to energy storage business, and explore a variety of cooperative business models to promote the development of China's energy storage business.

For the field of energy storage, although more policies have been introduced in China to support it, subsidies and indicative policies are still insufficient. Compared to overseas, many countries, regions, or state governments have introduced subsidy policies, such as the United States, Australia, India, Germany, etc., with remarkable results. Looking ahead to the "14th Five-Year Plan", China's scenery will enter the parity stage, new energy vehicle subsidies will also gradually disappear, energy storage or usher in a new policy window period.

Energy storage has flexible installation, high-quality regulation, environmental protection, and other advantages is a high-quality flexible resource, can be applied to the power generation side, the grid side, and the use side.

①Power generation side: new energy + energy storage can smooth the fluctuations of new energy generation and improve the quality of scenic power.

②Grid side: lithium battery energy storage can regulate peak and frequency, reducing the volatility of the power-using side and the power-generating side.

③Power consumption side: energy storage applied to household photovoltaic can cut peaks and fill valleys, so that power generation and power consumption tend to balance; applied to 5G base stations and data centers can meet the demand for backup power, making the base station/data center stable operation; applied to charging piles can reduce disorderly charging, peak charging pressure on the grid, to meet the demand for fast charging.

The future application areas of energy storage lie in the following three areas.

First, the development of the new energy field. In the next 35 years, the global layout of new energy will bring a very large application space for energy storage. If we want to use figures and indicators to measure, there is no doubt that each year is a trillion market. Also, there is the development of electric vehicles to drive the way of mobile energy storage, which is a very large market.

Second, the user side of the energy storage application scenario, including the power generation side of the power system. Typical applications are smart grid, smart community, functional city, smart home. Among them, the development and application of smart grids reflect the value of energy storage to the fullest, peak shaving and valley filling include the application of energy storage. The future demand will be more intelligent, for the management of electrical energy, whether it is traditional energy, new energy, or real applications.

Third, smart cities, or intelligent micro-grid for energy storage to bring very important value. Young people are very interested in the landing of energy Internet application scenarios, which means it will land, and the attention of young people represents the future direction. Including virtual power plants for energy Internet support, in energy optimization, business value will certainly play a very big role, while for the electric energy to improve, including energy efficiency will be very helpful.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have low cost, stable discharge, high safety, long cycle life, excellent high-temperature performance, non-pollution, and other characteristics. And energy storage on price, stability, cycle life, and other aspects of high demand for the ultimate energy density is not high, so the characteristics of lithium iron phosphate and energy storage are very high suitability, is expected to benefit from the depth of the construction of energy storage. 


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