Impress PowerBox Outdoor Power Supply Helped Me Successfully Remove The Single

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For example, those couples who are in love will inevitably post some pictures of love and affection every day. They will generally post them in moments of friends, which is a public platform, as long as they post a dynamic message. Friends in the circle of friends will see, and love lovers like to show off in the circle of friends of the dynamic, this for single people, is a kind of pain, is a single pain.

I just belong to the latter, in brushing his circle of friends, every day look around friends dynamic, occasionally to eat a bowl of dog food again, see who is in the love of men and women with a dynamic, show the conjugal love, really let a person not happy in my heart, and even some of the lost and sad, but also one or two good brothers, when I was lonely and helpless always accompanied me, often listen to me whine.

Finally on a special day, for me is an unforgettable day, that day is the god of the assistance of a friend, I finally escaped the single suffering sea, the other party is a lively lovely little girl. I admit that my heart is rippling and my mood is extraordinarily cheerful.

She was very enthusiastic. After chatting with me for about half a month, she asked me to go camping on the weekend. She said that she was under great pressure and wanted to relax.

The destination was a hilltop with a whole starry sky, where we could sit on the lawn and see the whole city. However, there was also a small forest with luxuriant trees. We agreed on what equipment we needed to take with us.

At the same time, considering that we couldn't sit and chat all night, and a date on the top of a mountain was suitable for romance, I decided to bring a mini projector and a curtain to watch a movie together in the evening after soliciting friends' opinions, which also helped me to get to know her better.

"Choose Impress", friends in all seriousness, said his family's PowerBox (C10) outdoor power for 75w notebook charged 11 times, recharge 2915 mah smartphone 65 times, 11560 mah tablet charge 16 times, for 68 w UAV charging, 10 times to 50 w power fridges 30 hours, 80 w power supply 10 hours of the television, outdoor lights for 25 w 33 hours, for 60 w fan power supply 20 hours, even if you can all night, and I used, quality guarantee, Very practical.

Because we did our homework well in advance, we had a wonderful evening together. At the time of parting, she said that she hoped to meet me again next time. She said yes, but I asked for my girlfriend next time.


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