Why Do Europeans Love The E-bike?

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Here are some reasons why Europe loves electric bicycles:

1. It takes less effort to ride

In Europe, there are a large number of mountainous country, the road surface of slope is extremely common, use common bicycle will bring the huge burden of the body, while the person very loves bicycle, also at the heart of the global cycling culture, but more and more people give up using the bicycle as a tool for daily commuting, all the year-round in a developing trend of decline in the bicycle industry. But the emergence of the electric bicycle has very good solve the use of "body burden" disorder, is growing at more than 30% annually in recent years, has become the biggest driving force of the development of the bicycle industry forward, Last year's European cycle show (Eurobike) almost all OEMs and Shimano top accessories factory will be motorcycles and related parts in the most prominent position to display.


2. Convenient means of transportation

Europe mainly consists of a small number of big cities and a large number of small cities and towns. Because there are a large number of old cities, the streets are narrow and not suitable for too many cars to drive. Public transport can only be covered by a network, and there is often a certain distance between nodes. A large number of small cities and towns do not have enough public transportation, so many people choose to use an e-bike, which is not tiring but as convenient as a bicycle, as a daily commuting tool.


3. More suitable for long-distance cycling

Europe is the center of bicycle culture, and the natural scenery in Europe is beautiful, so many people like to ride long distances and enjoy the scenery along the way. The emergence of e-bike has solved the problem of cycling fatigue, so more people can choose to try long-distance cycling without psychological burden, without worrying about physical exhaustion or heavy luggage. While experiencing the fun of cycling, they still have more energy to enjoy the scenery along the way. Now many European countries have opened up a large number of the bicycle tour route, in Switzerland, for example, one day more than 70 kilometers of the cycling route, can enjoy the village, lakes, farms, mountains, nature is to drive a car can't feel, and ordinary people use bicycle and it is hard to ride so far, the electric bicycle to become the best tool.


4. It's good for your health

Because of the large cycling population, in Europe, physical injuries related to bicycles are common. For example, in the face of uphill, headwind, and bumpy road, excessive cycling intensity may cause wear on the knees and waist, muscle strain and cramps, and falls in the face of physical exhaustion. The emergence of e-bike has greatly relieved the pressure on the knees and waist, and greatly reduced the injury caused by physical exhaustion. Also, it can be seen in Europe that there are a large number of "silver-haired" people who use e-bikes. E-bikes not only enable them to continue to use bikes with poor physical strength but also play an effective role in protecting their bodies.


5. More exciting and enjoyable riding experience

Cycling in Europe is extremely developed, not only is known as the "tour DE France", various road cross-country and mountain events are extremely rich. However, for non-racing purposes, the pursuit of high-speed experience and endurance performance is no longer pure, but a return to the fun of cycling, especially mountain bikes, such as better handling of different terrains, stronger passing, and mastering more riding skills. For example, AM mountain bike can be more relaxed mountaineering, not because of climbing or fatigue of the implementation, can ride higher and farther, save a lot of physical strength in the downhill have better control, can experience more speed and passion, and improve safety. Therefore, today, the e-bike has penetrated XC, Trail, AM, DH, and other models, and has been fully popularized and recognized by senior players. E-bike can be seen in mountain bike parks in large Numbers. In the past two years, e-bikes of road models have also appeared, enabling people who do not have good physical fitness and lack of training time to experience the fun of road cycling.


Now in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and almost all European countries, as well as the North American market, Asia of Japan, as well as current China, South Korea, Singapore, the popularity of e-bike has become a trend, and the development is accelerating.


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