How much energy can be generated by the combination of solar panels and lithium batteries for energy storage?

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How much energy can be generated by the combination of solar panels and energy-storage lithium batteries? Solar panels are photonics energy conversion batteries that absorb light energy and convert it into electricity, while lithium batteries are rechargeable batteries that can be recharged repeatedly. In the last two years in the solar street battery energy storage category, the lithium battery in the replacement of traditional colloidal lithium battery gradually become a new favorite in the market.


How much energy can be generated by the combination of solar panels and energy-storage lithium batteries?

The solar panel is a kind of light born v effect of special material, can't store electricity, can only be instantly solar radiation energy into electrical energy, there is no sunshine can't generate an electric current and is one of the types of batteries, lithium-ion batteries can send solar cells of electricity storage, convenient use, without the sun, or night in the solar photovoltaic application products are often used together. 

Although solar panels as battery products, it does not have the characteristics of batteries, solar panels themselves as power generation equipment is not able to directly store electricity, and solar panels than storage lithium batteries have the biggest disadvantage is the need for sunlight. A lithium-ion battery is a device that stores electricity. If the energy it stores comes from solar energy, it will be more environmentally friendly.


The difference between solar panel and energy storage lithium battery

Solar panels are a type of power generation equipment that does not store electricity directly, while lithium batteries are a type of storage battery that can continuously store electricity for use by users. With energy storage, lithium batteries, solar panels, a disadvantage is can't out of the sun, convert solar energy into electric energy and sunshine real-time synchronization, so only for solar panels only sunny day is his home even during the day, but not like energy storage lithium battery as long as full of electricity storage will be able to completely get rid of the limitation of time and environment, flexible use.

The best "partner" of energy storage lithium battery is solar energy, the energy generated by the solar energy needs to be stored through the energy storage battery, easy to use. There are already streetlights that use this model to generate electricity. During the day, the energy-storing lithium batteries in streetlights can store solar energy and release electricity at night, which is a very demanding job.

In addition to storing energy for everyday nights, energy storage lithium batteries also need to store energy for nights without the sun, which requires them to be large enough to meet demand.

The solar power system has a high cost, low conversion efficiency, and strong change with the environment, so it requires high energy storage. The service life of a solar photovoltaic power system is generally 20 years, which requires that the associated energy storage battery has the characteristics of long service life, stable performance, high energy efficiency, and strong ability to adapt to the environment.

The power supply structure combined with solar panels and energy storage battery has the following characteristics: including solar panel, energy storage battery, and power output module. The solar panel and energy storage battery are connected with an intelligent controller. Solar energy as green energy, the country is developing; The energy storage lithium battery as a solar battery, naturally also ushered in the peak of development. The relationship between the two can be described as "fish cannot live without water". The energy storage battery industry will be a sunrise industry in the future.


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