Used electric vehicle batteries can be used for large-scale solar energy storage

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Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology believe that used electric vehicle batteries in California may offer a more viable business case than grid-scale solar cell storage systems. Such "second use" EV batteries can be configured for as little as 60% of the original purchase price, and can efficiently store energy on an industrial scale even if they are reduced to 80% of their original capacity.

Old electric vehicle (EV) batteries could be used to store electricity generated by large solar power plants, according to an MIT study.

Us-based researchers claim that even if the capacity of the equipment has fallen to 80% of the original capacity, can also be then dedicated battery for California utility-scale solar + energy storage projects to provide better investment prospects, especially because the price of this "second use" EV battery was only about 60% of the purchase price.

The researchers used a semi-empirical model to estimate the degradation of the battery and concluded that running the aggregated storage device at 15-65% of its capacity would extend the battery's life. "This finding challenges some assumptions that running the battery at its maximum capacity will initially provide the greatest value," the scientists said.

The MIT project is supported by the European Union horizon 2020 Research Initiative and the Quantum Sustainable Solar Technology Engineering Research Centre, funded by the US Department of Energy and the National Science Foundation and the National Research Foundation of Singapore through the Singapore-MIT Research and Technology Alliance.


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