How about lithium iron phosphate batteries after 5 years?

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Batteries have been in use since they were made, and they work whether you use them or not. So it's hard to say what a lithium iron phosphate battery will look like in five years. First of all, it should be clear what the lithium iron phosphate battery is used for and what the actual operating conditions are. In this way, after 5 years of use, what will happen to the lithium iron phosphate battery can be roughly predicted.


The following is what happens to lithium iron phosphate LFP batteries after 5 years of use from the general normal use:

For lithium iron phosphate batteries applied to new energy vehicles, if the quality of lithium iron phosphate batteries is hard enough after 5 years of use, the battery capacity will decline to a certain extent. For example, if the battery can run 480km, it may only run more than 300km. This will vary according to different car owners. For example, the battery life of new-energy taxis and household new-energy cars is much better than that of taxis after 5 years of using lithium iron phosphate batteries. For lithium iron phosphate battery this is mainly because there is a theory of circulation service life of the number of times, under a specified cycle times, the taxi use frequently, in 5 years, the use of battery charging circuit number must be more than family use of new energy vehicles, lithium iron phosphate battery attenuation more serious nature.


If the lithium iron phosphate battery of new energy vehicles needs to be replaced after 5 years, the battery attenuation can be made use of echelon, that is to say, it can be used to do energy storage lighting or other equipment with lower discharge level as a backup power.


In any case, here's what happens after five years of lithium iron phosphate batteries:

1, the battery capacity will have different degrees of attenuation;

2, battery discharge capacity, large current discharge capacity;

3, the battery material aging, internal resistance increased, more prone to heat;

4, charging easy and easy to use up, and easy to heat;


Lithium iron phosphate batteries used 5 years above scenario refers to ideally, of course, in many cases is not ideal, that is to say that the actual use condition is protean, may not use the battery scrap, early in the five years may also be attenuation is very severe, basic can no longer do arrangement in use.


Lithium iron phosphate battery safety is relatively high, the manufacturer factory regulations, the use of the service life of the general has about 3000 times, are generally use five years or so, besides the lithium iron phosphate batteries in spontaneous combustion explosion that safety performance is higher than other lithium battery, so the new energy vehicles using lithium iron phosphate batteries more.


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