Portable AC/DC power supply makes outdoor emergency electricity more simple!

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The continuous progress and development of society are driven by the progress of science and technology. Every year, the state invests a huge amount of manpower, material resources, and financial resources in scientific research. The progress of science and technology will promote the development of society, and the scientific and technological achievements will give rise to many products that are convenient for people to live and work.

IPS PowerBox C Series Portable AC/DC power supply is an emerging technology product, which is a portable energy storage product derived from the rapid development of China's battery cell industry. The working principle is direct current through the inverter, output alternating current while retaining the DC output.

Small size, large capacity, easy to carry, simple operation is its characteristics, different specifications of the output power and capacity can meet different equipment outdoor emergency electricity demand, which is also an important reason for its wide application.

It is easy to use and does not have much flow. Just plug in the electrical equipment, turn on the switch and you can use it normally.
Its emergence has solved all kinds of equipment and instruments, power tools, digital equipment, household appliances outdoor and indoor emergency electricity problems! Make outdoor emergency electricity more convenient and fast, convenient for people's life and work.

Portable power supply for ventilator

Portable power supply for ventilator
It can be seen in the environmental protection industry, the fire protection industry, medical industry, communication industry, power industry, and other fields. It plays the role of the outdoor emergency electricity guarantor for workers in these industries, which makes their outdoor emergency electricity very simple and convenient, and improves their work efficiency and quality!

The appearance of the portable power supply is the embodiment of scientific and technological achievements applied to society. It has completely solved the problem of outdoor emergency electricity, driven social progress and development, and created value for society! View More about our PowerBox Series battery packs!


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