How feasible is it to replace lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries?

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Lithium battery, nickel-metal hydride battery as the "new rich" battery industry is challenging the lead battery market position, in recent years, lithium battery enterprises have mushroomed like mushrooms. The lithium battery is said to be good in the market, but why not replace the lead-acid battery?


Five years ago, industry experts predicted that lithium batteries could replace about 20% of lead-acid batteries in electric vehicles by 2015, and about 30% within five years. Today, however, lithium batteries are replacing lead-acid batteries by less than 10%, and achieving that goal in the next two years will be difficult.


Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are used in the field of start-up battery shortboard in addition to its several times the price cost, technical performance has its advantages and disadvantages. As a starter battery, lithium battery not only has to overcome the damage caused by frequent charge and discharge but also has to bear the harsh requirements of the group technology due to the poor consistency of the single lithium battery.


A group of start-up lithium battery systems is generally placed in dozens of battery monomers, the car in the process of frequent overcharge and discharge, the lithium battery pack performance brought more stringent requirements. Also, due to the small power generated by the generator on the car, the charging current will be frequent, continuous, and extremely unstable during the use, which will also damage the service life of the lithium battery pack.


The main reason why lead-acid batteries have not been replaced by lithium batteries is that the driving force is not enough. Lead-acid batteries are made of much less material and require much less work. In the case of electric bikes, the battery alone may be the value of the entire electric vehicle assembled with lead-acid batteries. At present, the quality of lithium battery products is uneven, and a large number of low-end lithium batteries are impacting the market, which makes the dealers extremely cautious about the choice of lithium trolley companies.


Lithium batteries are expensive, about double the price of lead-acid batteries, which is unacceptable to most people. The second is the lithium battery in the use of engineering, can not withstand the fall, throw and impact, once this situation, lithium battery was pierced, there is a great possibility of combustion and explosion.


There are some problems when the UPS battery is directly replaced with a lithium battery pack. Regardless of the cost, the lithium battery is suitable for constant current and constant voltage charging mode. The charging cut-off voltage has its special requirements, which are much more demanding than a lead-acid battery. Specifically including battery selection, discharge rate, capacity, battery protection, battery balance, whether to use the original charger, whether the charging voltage is appropriate, charging mode is suitable for lithium battery and a series of problems, need to carry out system design. You cannot simply replace the battery directly.

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