How to choose a good solar street light?

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Now the solar street lights can be seen everywhere, the streets and alleys have solar street lights, solar street lights are green environmental protection street lights, zero electricity throughout the year, very convenient. But when choosing a lithium battery, how to choose a good lithium battery?

Impress solar street light battery

 1, Choose the light source: solar street light will generally use an LED light source, and the most used is 1W high-power lamp beads, generally, power is 1W, generally how many lamp beads is how many watts.

   2, Solar panels: solar street panels generally use single crystal and polycrystalline, the price of a single crystal is higher than polycrystalline, general customers do not have professional measurement instruments to buy, it is recommended to use size area to measure, the larger the size area, the larger the size of the panel is proportional to the power of the panel.

   3, Battery: the solar street battery is generally divided into the lead-acid battery, colloidal battery and lithium battery three, currently commonly used for colloidal and lithium battery, lithium battery cost is higher than colloidal, but lithium battery cycle life will be longer, the comprehensive lithium battery is more cost-effective.

   4, Lamppost: lamppost mainly considers the height, modeling and parameters, the higher the lamppost height, the corresponding parameters should be increased, the price will be increased, the more complex the lamppost modeling, the higher the price will be.


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