What is the difference between a portable energy storage power source and several other types of power sources with batteries?

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The battery is a great invention, especially the "lithium battery" we are using today. No matter whether there are more advanced batteries in the future, at least the current "lithium battery" makes our life more colorful. Cell phones, cameras, laptops, hand-held power tools, even cars, airplanes, and so on all rely on lithium batteries.

Portable energy storage power supply, automobile emergency starting power supply, mobile power supply, uninterrupted power supply, and emergency power supply are the five representative works of "battery" technology application. Because these 5 products have "battery" store the same place of electricity and power supply, because application direction is different again, bring about technology to lay particular stress on different, cannot mix up so.

Portable energy storage power supply

This is an "all-purpose oil" nature of the product, many people call it a large charging treasure, a large mobile power supply, outdoor emergency power supply, outdoor uninterrupted power supply.

In 2013, the leakage from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, coupled with the frequent earthquakes and typhoons in Japan, often led to power cuts, which affected the life and work of residents. Portable energy storage power to solve the power shortage of research and development, this work can be independence from the grid power supply, effective use of solar power, large capacity storage lithium battery, and then into a variety of ac/dc electricity, people daily electrical power supply, such as lighting, cooking, boiling water, boil tea, computer, printer, telephone communication, etc. Because it is portable, it can be carried easily between home and office to ensure normal life and work.

At that time, the concept of the work was Power Station, with Power generation, storage, Power transformation, Power supply, monitoring, hardware, and software protection, frequency modulation (because Japan has 50HZ, 60HZ), fault self-check, fault recovery, several major functions in one, the concept of home energy storage photovoltaic energy storage Station, after miniaturization of the work.

The biggest characteristic of a "portable energy storage power supply" is that it can get rid of the "wire" limitation and supply power to all kinds of electrical appliances for a long time with alternating current and direct current. Besides, it is light and portable.

UPS uninterruptible power supply

This kind of power supply appeared earlier, it was the earliest product among the five kinds of power supply and appeared with the rise of the computer. UPS power was then powered by lead-acid batteries, and lithium-ion batteries are now available. The purpose of this product is to ensure that the computer in the case of a sudden power failure, but also can supply the computer for a little time of electricity, in this period to ensure the normal storage of data, the renewal time is about 20 minutes, the battery capacity is small, but not the pursuit of light, portable; The computer usually USES the power grid. When the power grid is cut off, the UPS power supply will be started. The startup time is very short, milliseconds (ms).

EPS emergency power supply

EPS emergency power supply is also used in the power grid sudden power failure, to renew the power for key equipment, most of the use of lead-acid batteries, now also useful lithium battery products. This kind of product is generally equipped in the important place building, generally is the fire protection facility backup power supply; Although the generator is often used as backup power for buildings, it takes time to start the generator. The biggest advantage of using EPS emergency power is that the equipment will not shut down when the backup power is enabled. EPS emergency power supply startup time is also millisecond (ms), the power is generally large, the battery capacity is also large, at least to ensure the building key equipment more than 40 minutes of use time.

Auto emergency starting power supply

Car emergency starting power, as the name suggests to the car start ignition use. When the car's starting battery fails, the car cannot ignite and the engine cannot start. It was the anxiety of losing the battery that caused the fire.

This kind of power supply used to be the lead-acid battery in the early days, but now most of them are high-power lithium batteries. At the same time, they also integrate the functions of mobile power supply and charging treasure, so the battery capacity is not much. Lightweight, portable, strong sense of crisis car owners are more willing to buy, prepared for it!

Mobile power bank

Mobile power is popular with the rise of touch screen mobile phones, large-screen mobile phones, thinner, the battery can not be removed, mobile power is popular, it's mobile phone users will buy mobile power.

The mobile power supply is mainly a backup power supply for mobile phones, tablet computers, and other handheld devices with small power consumption. It is mainly light and thin, with a small battery capacity. The use of mobile power is limited to a certain extent.


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