Electric tricycle runs not far blame the battery?

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In the use of electric tricycles, many users will encounter such a problem, that is, electric tricycles run not far. As for this problem, many people's first reaction is that the battery is broken and needs to be replaced. Is this the case? The answer, of course, is no. In addition to batteries, these components also need to be examined.

The motor has been demagnetized

The first thing to check is the motor. If the motor is affected by moisture, it will rust, causing a demagnetization fault of the motor, resulting in a low energy conversion rate. The most direct manifestation is that the electric tricycle is not far from running down. What should be done about this situation? You can go to the repair shop to dismantle the motor and let the maintenance master remove the rust. Generally speaking, after removing the rust, the electric tricycle can be greatly improved to a certain extent. Of course, if the internal corrosion of the motor has been very serious, then you can only choose to replace the new motor.

Controller aging

The second thing we need to check is the controller. As one of the most frequently used parts of the electric tricycle, it has a certain service life. If it appears to an aging problem, will make the speed of the electric tricycle appears to decline, resulting in the electric vehicle endurance fall not far. For this kind of its circumstance, how should solve again? Controller aging, generally does not use maintenance, can only be replaced to solve the problem.

The brake failure

Besides, we also need to check the brakes. If the brake is wet or not used frequently, it will rust, which will lead to the brake rocker arm is not flexible and difficult to return to the position, thus increasing the resistance of the electric tricycle in the process of driving, and the increased resistance will also to some extent shorten the range of the electric tricycle so that the electric tricycle will not run far. How to solve this kind of problem? Remove rust and oil properly.

Fitting mismatch

Finally, one of the easiest to ignore. When a lot of people go to repair the electric tricycle, they will find that every part is normal, but the electric tricycle is not far away. The most important reason for this kind of problem is that the parts do not match. Why do you say that? Because the battery, motor, and controller need to be matched to give full play to the best power, if one of them does not match, the electric tricycle will be weak and can not run far. For this kind of problem, the solution is also more convenient, replacing one of the mismatched parts can solve the problem.

In short, electric tricycles run not far is not necessarily the fault of the battery, there may be a controller, motor, brake, and other fault caused. The user, no matter what kind of fault, must go to repair troubleshooting.

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