The difference between a motive power battery and a energy storage battery

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The power storage energy battery is mainly used for energy storage, requiring large capacity, long life, low self-discharge.

General battery capacity is small, do not need to provide high power output, and the motive power battery is mainly to provide power, requiring the ability to output high power.

1, Different voltage size In the battery industry, the voltage increases, and the corresponding output voltage increases, so that the motive lithium battery pack can meet some high-power equipment, and the direct impact of the parallel mode is to make the entire battery pack of current increased, and the capacity is affected by the output current,

Therefore, the direct effect of parallel is to make the capacity of the lithium battery pack increased, in this way connected to the capacity of the battery pack will often be relatively large, that is, the so-called capacity of the lithium battery pack. Power battery is mainly used for energy storage, capacity requirements, long life requirements, low self-discharge.

Power tool batteries have a small capacity and do not require high power output, while energy storage batteries are primarily power-supplied and require the ability to output high power.

2, The application of different products Some large equipment requires a higher voltage value because the small power battery pack can not operate, so the use of power the lithium battery pack. For example, we usually use the electric bicycle, it requires the voltage value is often 48V, compared to some of the situation in our life, 48V is no small. Therefore, the motive lithium battery pack must be used to ensure the operation of the e-bike.

And we usually go to some supermarkets or shopping malls, some beacons and backup power supply, because these devices are not very large power consumption, so generally use a capacity lithium battery pack, the two are different in the application of the product. BYD power tram and new energy vehicles for lithium batteries are power lithium batteries, according to the characteristics of power type, energy type, and power energy balance three. Power type that is, you say the main characteristics of the power lithium battery is to support the large multiplier of charge and discharge, generally, up to 10C or more, the main consideration of the parameters is the ratio of function (W/kg). The main characteristic of the energy type is that it is higher than energy (Wh/kg).

For example, the capacity type is a marathon runner, to have endurance, is to have a large capacity, the performance requirements for large current discharge is generally not high;

3, The internal resistance is different The internal resistance of power-type lithium battery is smaller than the capacity lithium battery, to 18650 as an example, 3 times the discharge of good manufacturers generally with PDC, the internal resistance of about 40.


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