The Battery Module Is Helpful To Ensure The Stability And Safety Of The Battery Pack

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The battery module is helpful to ensure the stability and safety of the battery pack. With the continuous improvement of the automatic assembly technology of power lithium battery and the popularization of high-end equipment, the power battery enterprises have become more and more aware of the module production line. At present, many common battery PACK packs in the market are based on small modules + various fixed parts and supporting parts in the battery PACK.

In a power cell pack, hundreds of individual cells are managed safely and efficiently. The cells are not placed randomly in the shell of the power cell but are arranged in an orderly manner according to the modules and packages. The smallest unit is the cell, a group of cells can form a module, and several modules can form a pack. The battery module can not only ensure its energy density but also improve the insulation effect of the insulation protection structure and the safety of the battery module.

The module is one of the secondary structures of the power battery system. The conventional structural design process of the power battery system is the cell - module - system. The module is mainly composed of a single cell through series and parallel connection, and after adding a protective circuit board and a shell, it can be directly supplied. It is an intermediate product between a single cell and a PACK. As a buffer link between a single cell and a lithium battery pack, the module is conducive to ensuring the stability and safety of the battery pack.

The battery module is mainly composed of a single cell, a fixed frame, an electric connection device, a temperature sensor, and a voltage detection line. According to the shape of the single cell, the battery modules on the market are divided into square battery modules(prismatic cell), cylindrical battery modules(cylinder cell), and soft-pack battery modules(pouch cell).

The lithium battery module is composed of several to hundreds of battery cells in parallel and series. In addition to the mechanism design, the battery management system and the thermal management system can form a complete lithium battery package system. Generally speaking, whether it is a soft package, a prismatic, a cylinder, or a 18650 battery, the automatic assembly process of the module begins with the charging of the cell.

Generally speaking, the battery pack is divided into two parts, the battery module, and the battery box, in which the battery module is placed in the battery box. Therefore, to improve the range of new energy vehicles, we need a lightweight battery pack. The advantage of choosing a battery module is that once any battery module has a fault or short circuit, a single module can be replaced quickly, which is convenient and saves the maintenance cost in the later period.


The main role of the battery module

  • The main functions of the battery module are connection, fixation, and safety protection.
  • Each module independently manages part of the cell to help control temperature and prevent runaway heat propagation.
  • The module can effectively reduce the difficulty and cost of after-sales maintenance of battery packs.


In terms of market demand, the battery module and PACK from the current production equipment form small-batch more varieties to future mass standardization, the solution of the focus will be the battery manufacturers, at the same time, the battery companies choose automation module and PACK production line, not only for the investment and return, but also enterprise long-term development strategic layout.


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