Principle of assembling method of lithium battery and problems needing attention

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The lithium battery assembly method can be divided into two forms, one is the lithium battery manufacturer's production of assembly, one is the personal purchase of battery cells for DIY assembly. Manufacturers of lithium battery assembly is a lot of mechanization and programming, we all understand, the following is mainly to introduce personal lithium battery assembly DIY methods and some problems to pay attention to.

To do personal lithium battery assembly, you need to prepare tools and batteries and design and calculate what kind of capacity, voltage, discharge current, and so on.

Principle of lithium battery assembly steps:

1. Calculate the battery performance you need

Calculate the voltage of the battery you want to assemble, how much is the capacity, how much is the balanced discharge current, how much is the maximum current, how much is the discharge termination voltage, etc. At the same time, according to the relevant battery performance, choose to buy the appropriate battery protection plate.

2. Preparation of lithium battery assembly tools

Screwdriver, scissors, voltmeter, ammeter or universal meter, welding tools including solder, welding, welding agent. Consider the tools and auxiliary materials you may need to organize your lithium battery.

3. Lithium battery selection and corresponding accessories

1) the selection of lithium battery cell, this is mainly based on the time demand for electricity to do the corresponding battery performance purchase, such as low-temperature environment, the selected point is the low-temperature battery, if it is running at high temperature, choose a high-temperature battery, is a large current high rate of discharge, even if the high rate of discharge performance of the battery. This is very important, if the choice is not correct, not only does the lithium battery pack not meet the expected requirements, but also may cause an accident.

2) selection of corresponding battery accessories

This is mainly the connection alloy parts for wire and battery cell series or parallel connection. The choice of these parts is to do according to the lithium battery assembly and discharge requirements, which can withstand the battery discharge requirements at the same time, to reduce the resistance of the material itself as far as possible, to avoid the waste of electrical energy.


Lithium battery assembly to pay attention to the problem

1. When selecting the lithium battery cell to be assembled, besides paying attention to the brand quality of the battery cell, the smaller the consistency error of voltage, internal resistance, capacity, discharge performance, and other aspects between the cells, the better.

2. Do not mix the old and new battery cells, which will cause the damage of the new battery cells too quickly and affect the life of the whole battery pack;

3. Lithium battery cells with different performances cannot be mixed, that is, high-temperature batteries cannot be mixed with ordinary batteries, and low-temperature batteries cannot be mixed with high-temperature batteries.

4. When assembling lithium batteries, it should be noted that the battery can not be used in infinite series or parallel connection, but is limited by the quality of the battery cell and the level of the battery management system;

5. Pay attention to short circuit during assembly to avoid accidents;

6. To prepare in advance after the accident can safely handle the measures.


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