Functional Safety Analysis And Design Of Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage System BMS

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In the past two years, China's energy storage industry has experienced explosive growth. Compared with other energy storage technologies, due to the rapid progress of production technologies and the gradual reduction of manufacturing costs, lithium-ion batteries have more significant competitiveness, and the market penetration rate in the energy storage field is getting higher and higher.


As monitoring and management of the electronic device for battery, battery management system is one of the core parts of the energy storage system, the functions of security (functional safety) is an important part of safety equipment, mainly from the electronic circuit of the control system, emphatically to avoid because of the controlled equipment and its related systems in the case of a fault or failure caused by the risk. Because it is related to the safe and stable operation of the entire lithium-ion energy storage power station, the European and American energy storage market has listed this part as the entry clause through relevant laws and regulations or standards. The importance of functional safety in the domestic electrochemical energy storage industry is also increasing. However, as the energy storage industry of lithium-ion batteries is an emerging industry, there is no special functional safety standard for such products at present. Instead, it refers to the general functional safety standards of electronic equipment IEC 61508 and IEC 60730-1, which makes it difficult to understand and operate the actual functional safety design and verification of energy storage products. To correctly and efficiently realize the functional safety design and verification of the battery management system of the energy storage system, this paper sorts out the functional safety design and verification of lithium-ion battery energy storage products based on IEC 61508 and IEC 60730-1 appendix H. Other types of electrochemical energy storage systems can also be referred to.


According to the characteristics of lithium battery energy storage system of BMS products from the system of hazard identification and risk analysis, the overall safety requirement and functional allocation, safety integrity implementation and validation of the three main steps of analysis, regarding relevant reference standard IEC 61508, IEC60730-1 combed the BMS battery energy storage system analysis and design process of functional safety. The analysis results show that the selected failure mode impact and diagnosis analysis (FMEDA), risk matrix method (RM), and reliability block diagram method (RBD) are suitable for the functional safety analysis and design of the battery management system of the energy storage system (BMS). According to IEC 61508, IEC60730-1 and other relevant standards, and combining with the characteristics of energy storage system products, choosing the right analysis and design path can ensure that the functional safety integrity level (SIL) of energy storage system BMS can be effectively achieved, providing a reference for the design developers of energy storage power station.


The battery management system (BMS) is one of the core components of the lithium battery energy storage system. Its reliability and safety are the key technical problems in the process of energy storage system promotion and application. Based on relevant technical standards at home and abroad and practical engineering experience, this paper summarizes in detail the specific process and practical methods of functional safety analysis and design of BMS, including system analysis, risk identification and risk analysis, determination of overall safety requirements and distribution of safety functions, realization and verification of safety integrity and other links. The research results in this paper fill the gap in the functional safety design of lithium battery BMS of the energy storage system in China and provide references for the safety design, safety verification, and safety evaluation engineers of the battery system, as well as the research and formulation of the functional safety standards of energy storage battery system in China. Only one feasible scheme is provided in this paper, and the practitioners need to make a reasonable choice according to the actual application scenarios of the energy storage system and the capabilities of each company.


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