What does DC power supply choose to notice most?

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In the selection of DC power supply, especially programmable high-power DC power supply, there are many factors to consider and many parameters to be involved. It is precise because of these parameters that people often do not know what to do. It's like buying a lot of things, you can't do it all -- you can't do it all and you can't do it all at a lower price. You need to understand what your core needs are, and everything else is just floating around. Here is a summary of the usual help customers in the selection of a few practical experience, and some of the collected data for your reference, in the hope of providing some guidance for you in the choice of programmable DC power supply.

1. Battery simulation function (programmable output internal resistance function) is to test the circuit or device supplied by the power supply under actual conditions. It is better to use the test source with battery characteristics and performance. For example, the internal resistance of the power supply is variable, so the voltage applied by the battery-powered device will drop in the internal resistance of the battery. Solid weft PSW30-36 power with the 833 m Ω programmable output resistance, do not look down upon the resistance of the 833 m Ω programmable features, it can complete the simulation of the battery internal resistance, battery performance is critical for the power simulation (which is also the main reason for them to give up with a few other power).

2. Programmable rise time (to prevent surge damage to the equipment/devices under test) is an aspect that needs to be paid attention to in many test applications. For example, in LED tests, the instantaneous current at startup may be much larger than the stable running current of LED, which may lead to LED device damage. The psw30-36 power supply has programmable voltage and current rise time (or conversion rate) control function as well as constant current priority setting to prevent transient voltage and current overshoot damage to the device under test when starting up, reducing voltage and current overshoot when supplying LED.


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