Uninterruptible Power Supply is needed for mobile information solutions in the medical industry

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UPS is needed for mobile information solutions in the medical industry. In the medical structure, with the development of information technology and the leap of intelligence, the application of UPS has become more and more widespread. To guarantee the safety of patients, the buildings of medical institutions need to ensure an uninterrupted power supply, so UPS has become indispensable. Medical facilities require higher standards for UPS power protection systems than for commercial or industrial USES.


The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is needed for mobile information solutions in the medical industry

Most of the hospital electricity load is primary and secondary load, which requires high supply continuity and reliability. Air conditioning system equipment is the main power-consuming equipment in the hospital, so it is necessary to focus on the management of power use. The second type of medical places have high requirements on the continuity and reliability of power supply and need comprehensive monitoring. Important medical technology and laboratory equipment are sensitive to power quality and should be paid more attention to.

The primary factors in the selection of UPS power supply for medical equipment are high stability and reliability. Most medical devices are precision instruments and have high requirements for the continuity of electric energy. The quality of electric energy determines the normal operation of medical equipment. In particular, large and specific high, fine and sharp medical equipment have strict requirements on the quality of electric energy.

The demand for the medical industry is far beyond the data room. Mobile information solutions in the medical industry also need a safe and stable UPS power supply.

The application of independent medical devices such as MRI machine and CT machine, as well as registration terminal, a doctor operating terminal, and charging/charging terminal, also puts forward high standards for power protection in terms of power supply and distribution system performance, efficiency, operation simplicity, and even floor area. UPS uninterruptible power supply can provide a reliable power supply for consultation room, guide desk/information desk, pharmacy computer, printer, signal-sign system, etc.

For busy application scenarios such as registration hall and pharmacy, a high-frequency online UPS power supply can be used to provide uninterrupted protection. High-speed data processing and internal communication bus can detect faults in time and take appropriate measures promptly; It also has the characteristics of high cost performance, high quality, high efficiency, and green energy saving. Under the ESS efficient working mode, the system efficiency of UPS can reach 99%, and the switching between different working modes is faster and more reliable.

For precision instruments such as CT machines, nuclear magnetic resonance machines, surgical auxiliary machines, etc., the power-frequency on-line UPS power supply can be used to provide protection. UPS is an online dual-conversion UPS with zero conversion time and online mode efficiency of up to 96%. Multiple communication interfaces can be used for linkage control with medical devices. Three sets of output sockets are independently controlled to manage the opening and closing of various medical devices according to different time sequences.

UPS power supplies address many potential energy issues, including voltage spikes, voltage spikes, voltage dips, total power outages, and frequency differentials necessary for safety equipment. Medical centers can significantly reduce costs and continue to ensure smooth operation by providing a steady supply of power to their systems during power outages.

UPS has the advantages of small heat loss, low noise, small volume, and long life. Also, due to the modular design, the NT series UPS significantly reduces the average repair time (MTTR), making maintenance easier. Thanks to the digital design of the microprocessor, which simplifies the complex analog circuit and greatly reduces the number of parts, the overall system has become more secure and reliable. It provides reliable electric power for key facilities such as the operating room, ICU intensive care unit, and CCU cardiac care unit. The flexible expansion requirements for the future business development of the hospital are fully considered.

Different operating environments, different application loads, and different operators have different requirements for the UPS uninterruptible power protection system in terms of its functional characteristics, performance, technical specifications, operation modes, and even its size and weight. UPS power helps the hospital to create a green information channel, to further improve the hospital's business-level and service quality.

UPS power supply guarantees the life safety of patients with severe diseases and becomes the "patron saint" of patients.


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