Proper use of lithium batteries

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  The lithium battery is a stored energy conversion device is more and more widely, because of its excellent electrochemical performance to achieve the small, medium, large such a market application scenario of keeping pace with The Times, when we are talking about the correct way of using the lithium battery, usually small application aspects, namely, consumer electronics, such as smartphones, laptops. Because large and medium-sized applications are based on small application technologies, small applications have common characteristics, while large and medium-sized applications are much more complex. Generally, medium-sized applications are in new energy vehicles, which are generally called power batteries. Large applications are usually in base stations, which we call energy storage batteries. So when we talk about "lithium battery usage", it's consistent to limit lithium batteries to small applications.


Lithium-ion batteries work by charging to store energy, discharging to convert it into other energy, and releasing it. In neither charge nor discharge when in idle state, therefore, the correct use of lithium battery on its big aspects says there are three: correct charge, correct discharge, correct maintenance.


Correct charging method for lithium batteries

Control time and prevent overcharge. Do the right thing at the right time. Although lithium batteries have excellent electrochemical properties, anything that deviates from equilibrium can be a safety hazard. In detail:

1. Fill up when you can. In the early days of the emergence of smartphones, every mobile phone manufacturer, out of the original intention of protecting their interests, often emphasized the use of original chargers (including charging cables) to charge electric devices. Some manufacturers designed special data cables and did not support other chargers (including charging cables). Later, as smartphones and laptops became more and more widely used, it became clear that this was a self-limiting trend, so now everyone has a unified standard, a charger/cable can charge different brands and properties of electrical appliances. It's easy to charge, and one of the things users should be aware of is trying to keep the battery as full as possible at all times. Under normal circumstances, when the battery is too low, mobile phones and laptops will be alerted, then you need to timely recharge, although the low battery will not lead to a direct safety accident, overuse, over time will cause damage to the battery structure.

2. Just fill it up. The inside of the lithium battery cell is also composed of many components, the new battery is good, if it is used for a long time, maybe the function of which components will decline, so there will be an overcharge safety risk. Several of the typical Samsung and Apple incidents have been reported because the owner of the device put the phone at the head of the bed to charge it while sleeping, causing it to burn and explode.

3. do not do two things at once. The author has experienced that it is very easy to feel the heat of the mobile phone while charging, especially when playing games. The reason is very simple: the mobile phone is equal to working two jobs at the same time, which makes it have to pay more than the labor force, and the body will naturally get hot.


Correct discharge method for lithium batteries

Timely charging, anti - release. The average mobile phone user is unaware of the dangers of overplaying, as no safety incidents have been reported. Moreover, some people even think that the regular deep discharge is beneficial to the maintenance of the battery performance. This is not the case because the memory effects of lithium batteries are so negligible that there is no such thing as a deep discharge to erase them. In theory, the total cycle life of a lithium battery with the deep discharge will be larger, but the risk is that excessive discharge of the battery will cause the battery voltage is too low, unable to recharge normally, and sometimes it will take a long time to start up, or even fail to start the machine. Users of mobile phones and laptops are advised not to use black screens too often.


Proper maintenance of lithium batteries

  The temperature is suitable, prevent cold and hot. The purpose of daily maintenance is to keep the lithium battery in an appropriate environment to delay its aging. One of the parameters in the design of the lithium battery is the appropriate temperature. Relatively speaking, it is not a problem to have a low temperature, but if put at a high temperature, as the saying goes, things will go wrong, which will also cause safety problems. We are talking about idle state only in the normal environment, if you put a lithium battery in water or near a fire, that is not the "maintenance" topic, so, what is the normal environment to do? The waterside is moisture-proof and the heat side is sun-proof. Therefore, the lithium battery daily maintenance of the appropriate environment should be four words: ventilation, cool. These four words should be followed whether the lithium battery is left idle independently or is used in electrical appliances.


In the correct way of using the lithium batteries, lithium battery charging method is one of the most important, because not correct charging method will lead to security issues, and the discharge and the influence of daily maintenance is only the service life of lithium batteries, lithium battery itself is also a kind of material, no matter what way we can avoid the loss of it in the end, we just use the right method, delay the aging.


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