Is the blade battery a lithium iron phosphate battery? What is the difference with ternary lithium-ion battery

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With the continuous promotion of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles exposed problems are increasingly prominent, especially high-temperature or collision spontaneous combustion and low-temperature range problems have caused concern, to overcome the problem of battery spontaneous combustion, BYD R&D launched a blade battery, the shape is very long and thin, looks like a blade, so named "blade battery", let's see what the advantages and disadvantages of the blade battery.



Is the blade battery a lithium iron phosphate battery?

A blade battery is called a super lithium iron phosphate battery, the reason why it is called a blade battery is that it is arranged like a blade inserted into the battery pack.

Blade battery is essentially a lithium iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4), but its structure is different from the ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery, removing the battery module, using a new packaging technology, higher energy density than the traditional lithium iron phosphate battery, close to the energy density of lithium ternary batteries, so the battery's range has also improved.

The difference between a blade battery and a ternary lithium-ion battery

Ternary lithium battery is a lithium-ion battery whose positive electrode material is made of nickel-cobalt-manganese or nickel-cobalt-aluminum three materials in a certain ratio combination.

Blade battery is a super lithium iron phosphate battery, although the same as the ternary lithium battery in the category of lithium-ion batteries, its cathode material is iron phosphate.

Therefore, the most essential difference between the blade battery and ternary lithium batteries is the cathode material. Different cathode materials are classified into two different battery types.

Blade batteries and traditional ternary lithium batteries have major differences in the production process.

A blade battery is a kind of battery manufactured without a module process. Compared with the traditional ternary lithium battery which is composed of a module pack, the production process of blade battery is simpler, with better utilization of battery space and lower manufacturing cost.


However, the density of the blade battery is not as high as that of the ternary lithium battery, but it has a higher safety performance compared to the ternary lithium battery. Compared with the instability of ternary lithium batteries, the blade battery has a more adequate safety factor, and its service life is also longer.

In summary, the difference between a blade battery(LiFePO4) and the ternary lithium-ion battery is mainly reflected in the cathode material, production process, cost, mass-energy density, safety performance, service life, environmental performance, etc. It can be said that the blade battery is better than the ternary lithium-ion battery in all aspects of comprehensive performance.


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