Facilitate the development of lithium energy storage industry

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Impress energy, CATL, and other lithium battery manufacturers help the development of the lithium energy storage industry. The lithium-ion battery is the most common energy storage technology on the market at present, and lithium battery is increasingly becoming one of the main forces in the industries and fields of new energy vehicles, power, energy storage, and peak shaving. The suitable innovative operation mode of lithium battery energy storage system will greatly improve the economy of the energy storage system, and lithium battery energy storage will gradually meet the market promotion conditions.

Impress energy, as a supplier of lithium batteries for energy storage, has cooperated with Zhejiang Jiabisi green energy company to develop the GBSFP-U series, and is the exclusive agent of this series of products. The company's products are widely used in the fields of communication, electric power, public security, finance, network, medical care, security, industrial automation, rail transit, aerospace, and navigation, etc., flexibly meeting the differentiated needs of customers in various industries and pursuing efficient innovation.

Due to its long cycle life, small size, and lightweight, Impress lithium iron phosphate battery has a relatively low requirement on the environmental temperature. In small capacity stations, terminal power supply, an outdoor station without air conditioning, an indoor station without air conditioning, and a new energy station, lithium iron phosphate battery has obvious advantages. With the increasing application scale of lithium energy storage and the decrease of lithium battery supply price, the application scale of impressive lithium batteries in the communication base station industry will also increase.

The company has been focusing on the application of lithium batteries in the downstream industry in many fields, and constantly exploring the energy storage market. The company has established cooperative relations with the state grid, China iron tower, Huawei, and some American enterprises to jointly develop the lithium battery energy storage market at home and abroad. The company focuses on the layout of the whole industrial chain of advanced energy storage lithium battery, battery management, and system integration, and is committed to the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of lithium battery energy storage system products, to provide customers with customized energy storage solutions. Give full play to the commercial value of high safety and high-cost performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries, and actively explore new business models in the energy storage industry.

2022 Impress Energy will develop the Energy storage market, improve the sustainable competitive advantage of enterprises, and develop grid Energy storage, mobile energy storage, and distributed energy storage. With the emergence of several production capacity advantages, the energy Internet market can be laid out in the future, and the business model of the innovative platform can be used to develop a trading platform for energy storage.

Impress Energy will seize countries intensify li-ion battery Energy storage facilities configuration, a large-scale new Energy base in all regions synchronous supporting construction of a batch of million kilowatts lithium electricity the opportunity of virtual above the complementary Energy storage power station, with a focus on energy storage batteries in the market, intensify basic materials research, efforts to build the important one hundred billion yuan lithium electricity industry base in the country. According to the technical characteristics and cost of energy storage, the target market should be positioned, and a standard system should be set up to continuously optimize the functions of the energy storage system, reduce the cost and build a service team in the market service.


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