Electric three-wheeled lead-acid battery replacement into lithium battery precautions

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The lead-acid battery of an electric vehicle can be changed to the lithium battery, the charger needs to be used with this point to pay special attention. No other parts need to be replaced.

Lead-acid and lithium batteries store electrical energy, and it is possible to replace each other, but their voltage and protection voltage are different. Lead-acid batteries of electric vehicles are commonly used as 12v monomers because their capacity is large enough (e.g. 12ah, 20ah), so only five or six batteries in series can form a battery pack. The 12v lead-acid protection voltage (Undervoltage) is 10.5v, so the 60 battery is limited by the controller at 53v.

The lithium battery is commonly used is NCM / LiFePO4, the voltage range is 3.0~4.2v / 2.5~3.65v, The 60v controller voltage is 53v Undervoltage -- 75v can be used normally, it only depends on the voltage, not whether you are lead-acid or lithium, 16 series of 67.3v, 17 series of 71.4v, completely within the acceptable range. Lithium electricity priority control in the protection plate, because lithium electricity use is more strict, never allow overcharge, discharge is also limited. If the protection plate is set with 3.3v protection, then the 17 strings cannot discharge at 56.1v, but the Undervoltage value is not protected by the controller.


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