Can lead-acid batteries be replaced by lithium batteries?

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We all know that in the early year batteries are used mostly lead-acid batteries, the sudden rise of lithium batteries in the last year or two, for various reasons, many customers have the idea of replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries. The presentation of lithium batteries can better meet the needs of customers.

Previously, the battery is mainly lead-acid batteries, but lithium batteries in the past two years more and more "fire", and many customers want to replace the battery, lead-acid batteries with lithium batteries.

From a functional point of view, lithium batteries and batteries are roughly the same, and are energy storage devices, due to the characteristics of lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries being different, the charging curve and circuit are different, and charging equipment lithium battery manufacturers each specification is also different, so lithium batteries to replace the lead-acid batteries or difficult.

Lead-acid batteries can be connected in series and parallel at will, such as 12V65Ah lead-acid batteries, you can directly carry out 32 pieces, composed of 384V DC voltage, you can also lead out of the median line, made of two 192V lead-acid battery pack, each side is 16 pieces, connected in series in parallel at will. But lithium batteries can not be so, if the lithium battery 12V65Ah, if no special treatment in advance, can only be used alone, if the series and parallel connection at will, it will damage the lithium battery pack.

Lithium battery if you do special treatment, but also by the provisions of the series and parallel connection, such as communication base station type of lithium battery pack, can only be connected in parallel can not be connected in series, but there are certain disadvantages of parallel connection, and can not be like lead-acid batteries, the parallel connection at will.

For the characteristics of lithium iron phosphate batteries, in the power supply system settings, the battery pack charge voltage must be adjusted to the voltage required by the lithium battery can be. Because the lithium battery is even in a long-term charging state, due to its own BMS equalization protection function, the battery performance is not easy to change.

In a word, lithium battery function and lead acid together, across the user equipment and power supply to ensure the supply of continuous quality power to the equipment, even in the case of a complete power failure, but also in a certain time to the equipment power supply.

Today's lithium batteries to better meet the needs of users, to bring users a more intelligent experience, the junction is envisaged to have some new devices compared to the earlier lead-acid. The Li-ion battery power supply device has an AC inductor, rectifier, internal bypass power input switch, manual repair bypass switch, DC inductor, backstop diode, inverter, output blocking transformer, etc.

Unlike traditional lithium battery systems, the energy storage device uses an independent module, the lithium iron battery cabinet system, which is charged and discharged according to the needs of the equipment control, and can be connected to the power supply equipment and monitoring center and communication, real-time transmission of battery usage and system alarm signals, greatly facilitating the maintenance of the system.

Lithium battery system greatly improves the performance of the lithium battery system, its work is stable and reliable, simulating the utility power failure, and normal work, and can better meet the work requirements of the load machine temperature, discharge power is greater, better performance than traditional UPS. so UPS power lead-acid batteries can be replaced by lithium batteries is a matter of time.




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