PowerBox C10 1kW Portable Battery Backup System

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PowerBox C10 1000W Portable Battery Backup System Power Supply   Whether you're camped out in a tent, cruising in a kayak, or working off the grid, the Impress Lithium battery backup system PowerBox helps you charge all your electronic devices and is ready to go. Designed to power all of...
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PowerBox C10 1000W Portable Battery Backup System Power Supply

  Whether you're camped out in a tent, cruising in a kayak, or working off the grid, the Impress Lithium battery backup system PowerBox helps you charge all your electronic devices and is ready to go.

Designed to power all of your passions, the Powerbox gives you the freedom to use one battery to power many things. Designed to be a universal mobile power station, it includes two USB charging ports, a 12v car plug, and terminals. Use the Powerbox C10 at night with an efficient LED flashlight. For longer adventures, the solar panel can be quickly connected to the terminal block to provide you with reliable power. All built into waterproof/shockproof housing. Comes with a 12v Lithium LiFePO4 80Ah battery and charger.


PowerBox C Features:

  • Portable, beautiful, and easy-to-use high-capacity UPS backup power supply.
  • Using advanced lithium battery manufacturing process to ensure strong energy output.
  • Provide two different output voltage modes of AC output and DC output, to meet charging requirements for different mobile electronic products.
  • Built-in multiple protection circuits including overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, over-current, and temperature protection.
  • This product can be used both as an online UPS power supply and as an outdoor emergency backup power supply.


Battery Backup System Advantages:

Multi-output Outlet 
No Worry About The Power Cut And Power shortage

All-in-one Portable Energy Station
This product is a new energy storage box(multi-purpose backup power station), built-in high-capacity LiFePO4 pouch cells, combined with a high-strength aluminum alloy shell, is a rechargeable power source for personal electronic devices and small appliances. 

Travel Friendly
With an easy-carry handle, an ideal shape and size for traveling fit perfectly in the backseat to keep power-hungry devices charged on long road trips. 

Reliable Quality
The safety and reliability of the MPPT solar control system have been repeatedly tested and verified by the company's R&D team. Certificated by ROHS, CE, FCC, etc, unique temperament and exquisite craftsmanship bring users a safe and comfortable distinguished experience.

Strong Power
Pure Sine Wave Inverter, AC Output Power-- 1000W

The Product Equipped With LCD Display Screen
Working Status Real-time Display Of The Product

Dustproof Silicone 
Exclusive Manufacture Dustproof Silicone 
Effectively Prevented Dust From Entering The Product

Multiple Security Protection 
Solutions Intelligent chips with the new battery, charging more secure. 
To achieve over-voltage protection, over-current protection, overcharge protection, and over-temperature protection. short-circuit protection and other multiple protection.

PowerBox 1kW Battery Specifications:


IPS-S1000LFP (C10)


1KWh(0.3C @ 25)

Invertor power


Peak output


Battery capacity

12.8V / 80Ah

Charging time


Auto Charging output

12V / 12A

USB1/2 output

5V / 2.4A


5~12V 18W QC3.0


5~20V 60W PD3.0






10 Years(6000 cycles)


3 Years(2500 cycles)

Battery case

Aluminum + PC


Why choose the IMPRESS Battery backup system?

  1. We are a reliable and powerful manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in producing Lithium batteries and application series. We have accumulated enough knowledge and know-how to solve all kinds of problems.
  2. Business guideline of our company is "small profit and long-term cooperation".So we value CRM as important as the quality of the product.
  3. We have developed a strict quality control system from raw material purchasing to QC 100% test before shipment.


Because of the Coronavirus and outrageous demand of the Impress order processing can take up to 2-5 business days.

The speed of batteries receive depends on the following factors

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Expedited International Shipping

We only offer an expedited service option to select international markets due to the complexities and cost of international duties associated with expedited shipping.


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    End of 2019, an epidemic--COVID19 sweeping the world disrupted our businesses, After consultation with our co-founders, decided to bring our new business——Looking for more RLB Series Battery Dealers, Offering battery wholesale for our agents.

Why become an IMPRESS Dealer?

Product Innovation 

To remain competitive, battery technology must evolve. Today, the industry demands innovations that offer unparalleled power, performance, and longevity. The IMPRESS LiFePO4 battery does just that and surpasses existing batteries on the market.

Technical Support 

When you become an IMPRESS dealer, know that you have a team of experienced industry experts behind you. Our engineering, applications, and sales teams have been in the industry for over 10 years and have a wealth of combined experience with batteries. Lithium batteries are still understood by many consumers, so we make sure you get the training, engineering, and sales support to meet your business needs.

Quality Assurance

With a focus on quality, we can ensure that you install quality products in your customers' battery-powered vehicles, recreational vehicles, home energy storage, and more. We see our standards, flexibility, and expertise as a competitive advantage.

OEM supply

We have been in the energy business since the beginning of our career as a distributor and understand the importance of branding to some distributors. We understand the need for cash flow, there is no minimum order quantity, we can generally wholesale our existing lithium batteries in packs of 10, greatly reducing the cash flow constraints for our distributors.

Contact Us for Dealer

We've been in the battery business for 12 years and have learned how to build on our success. We will work closely with you to build on your success. Not only do we provide batteries, but we also offer unparalleled service, training, and ongoing support. Our products are batteries, but we are in the business of building relationships and helping you succeed.

If you are interested, please send an email to our Support team:

Custom Built to Your Standards

  Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, and lithium ions change from an anode to a cathode when discharged, and from an anode to a cathode when charged. Compared to lead acid batteries, it is lightweight, small, and has a long life.  This core attribute makes it the perfect element for many new design solutions. Lithium-ion batteries are available in unique custom battery pack designs.

  Sometimes finding the ideal battery difficult. Standard batteries may not fit, or more energy or power is required to keep applications running at top capacity.Impress energy battery has the skill and ability to custom design li-ion battery packs to meet your specification. We can also design tested and trusted solutions based on your requirements in a different industry such as UPS, Solar, and Wind application, telecom tower reserve battery, medical equipment, etc Energy storage system; electric bike, scooter, trike, golf trolley, marine, etc transport vehicle, AGVs, Robot, Drone and other motive power batteries.

  Our design team will discuss all the relevant specifications with you. Impress will find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for you.


Lithium Battery Custom solution

Our Process 
  We understand the application’s requirements with you, identify the best solution, design a custom battery solution to specification, and collaborate with you to bring it to life.

Accelerate Time to Market
  Add the Impress team and you’ll add critical capacity, experience, and engineering talent across the entire development cycle. Leverage our expertise to innovate faster, shorten time to revenue growth, and minimize costly delays across planning, design, prototyping, proof-of-concept, and testing.

Improve customer experience
  Each Impress lithium battery is a quality product that we have worked hard to develop over the years. The quality is the same whether our name or your name is on the product. The reliability, resiliency, and performance of Impress that our customers appreciate will also be your qualities that your customers appreciate.

  Impress battery prides itself on its durable battery and stable battery management system, making full use of the manufacture of customized battery packs. Contact us or email us at and we'll get back to you with an advantageous custom lithium battery solution as soon as possible!