Lithium UPS power supply management highly intelligent is the trend in the development of power supply technology

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Intelligent lithium UPS, in addition to the completion of the general UPS, can complete all the work, should also have the function of monitoring the UPS in operation, the sampling point at any time the status of information sent to the computer for processing, on the one hand, to obtain the relevant parameters of the UPS work, on the other hand, to monitor the working state of the circuit ministries. Later UPS power supply will be to the trend of intelligent development.

With the "Smart Manufacturing 2025" planning, the future development is quite clear, is towards the intelligent, automated future development, the realization of the leapfrog development from Made in China to Created in China.

In the advent of the intelligent information age, the construction of the server room not only focuses on the installation and construction of the basic equipment of the server room but also on whether the server room equipment and people can interact directly. And in the server room, UPS power supply for the server room is quite important, the UPS routine maintenance and management is also the server room management must be initiatives.
Impress lithium battery for UPS
With the development of the network and the gradual popularization of 5G development, UPS uninterruptible power supply also began to slowly tend to intelligent control. Lithium battery UPS power supply as the inevitable trend of new energy development, but also began the cloud monitoring 2.0 era, before the SNMP architecture of monitoring because of the need for the overall network support and UPS power supply hardware and software upgrades, so it has become somewhat cumbersome.

Now the CLOUD cloud intelligent monitoring more humane and intelligent, as long as the lithium UPS connected to the network, you can support the cell phone, PC monitoring and viewing anytime, anywhere, set the tone switch, UPS power shutdown and server shutdown and other operations, remote monitoring of UPS operating status and data, set UPS self-test.

With the increasing power density, lithium UPS power supply management is highly intelligent is the trend in the development of power technology. Whether it is a high-power data center, medium-power industrial applications, or low-power portable devices, the output power that can be generated per unit area is a very important indicator.

Intelligent UPS power supply is to add communication interfaces at the output of the UPS host. The use of these interfaces, through a special communication cable or by modem with servers, routers, gateways, and other equipment corresponding to the communication interface connected. Plus the installation of a microcomputer or microcomputer network platform can adapt to a variety of operating systems remote environment, with the power monitoring function of the lithium battery UPS power supply system.

Cloud computing has created new opportunities for the development of UPS power supply, but this also means that the relevant manufacturers need to consider how to develop new technologies suitable for the cloud era, digital control and intelligent applications are two very important directions of development, but this is not all. If lithium battery UPS manufacturers want to gain a greater advantage in the competition, new technology development is always a vital link.


Intelligent lithium UPS power supply features

1. Real-time monitoring function
Monitor the status of the various parts of the circuit, at any time to obtain the relevant parameters of the host work. At the request of the user to provide a history of power quality, including input and output voltage, frequency, load, battery quality, and ambient temperature, and other key information.

2. Human-machine interaction function
Two-way communication is the future development trend of lithium UPS power supply. Users can set various parameters according to the actual situation. For example, you can set the length of the battery backup countdown, reset the UPS internal threshold values, free to select the content to be displayed, whether to debug the failure.

3. Automatic paging function
UPS software or accessories to diagnose the lithium UPS system failure, E-mail, paging, pop-up window information, and other ways to notify the system administrator in real-time, to solve the problem at a fast pace.

4. Fault detection function
When a fault occurs, in each user alarm at the same time, give parameters and timely analysis, tracking the important information that triggered the power failure, if necessary, to give the treatment method.

5. Automatic saving function
This function is performed when the power of the UPS is about to run out, thus ensuring the integrity and recoverability of the data and the system. Users can customize the auto-save function for their specific programs according to their actual needs.

6. UPS self-test and timing on and off function
Software to check the status of the UPS, query the UPS power supply warning information, for battery correction test, etc. These preventive functions can take appropriate measures before UPS system failure occurs.

To be continued: In the future, control systems will become increasingly intelligent, power supplies, UPS systems, and related products will continue to upgrade. Impress lithium batteries are small in size, high in power density, powerfully adaptable, and flexible in configuration. The use of advanced DSP digital control technology effectively improves product performance and system reliability, and enables higher power density integration and miniaturization, allowing users to configure flexibly according to their needs.


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